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1 out of 5 : By Erika Fernandes

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  • Muthoot Finance Ltd. is an Indian financial corporation. It is known as the largest gold financing company in the world. In addition to financing gold transactions, the company offers foreign exchange services, money transfers, wealth management services, travel and tourism services, and sells gold coins at Muthoot Finance Branches. The company's headquarters are located in Kerala, India, and it operates over 4,400 branches throughout the country. Outside India, Muthoot Finance is established in the UK, the US, and the United Arab Emirates. While the company falls under the brand umbrella of the Muthoot Group, its stocks are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and NSE. As of March 2012, revenue (after expenditure) stood at more than Rs. 23,000 crore ($4.2 billion). The target market of Muthoot Finance includes small businesses, vendors, farmers, traders, SME business owners, and salaried individuals.
Erika Fernandes
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31 Jul 2017 1:53 PM
Agents are rude

I took a gold loan from Muthoot Finance 2 years ago on my 60 gms of gold necklace and I confirmed the interest rates with them before purchasing the loan. The interest rate that was told to me was 18% but the first time when I paid the interest, it was 22% and I asked them about the same to which they replied saying that their rules has changed. I don't get how they can change the rules without informing customers and make them pay an extra amount every time. I argued with them but it was of no use and hence I had to helplessly accept their new terms in the hope that they don't increase the rates again before my loan period expires. I paid my installments every time in a timely manner and there was no issue from my end but last year when I and my family were out on a trip, I got a message informing me about the due date of my interest installment and if I had not to pay the interest on time, they would take an action from their end. I was helpless as I was on a trip and I could not pay the interest as there was no muthoot finance brand in the city I visited and plus I thought they have a due date of a week by when I would have come back to my city and pay the interest amount. I called them up and the customer agent spoke to me very rudely saying that you should have paid the interest before planning this trip. I told him that when I took the loan, they were so polite and professional while addressing me and my queries and now they have become so rude. He told me to not give excuses and pay the interest in their branch. I tried to talk to their supervisor asking them for a week's extension but he too said he cannot help me in this matter and I could ask a family or friend to make a payment in a nearby branch. I called up my mother who was ill at that time to visit the branch and pay the interest amount and I felt so disturbed that I did a mistake by even applying for a gold loan via muthoot. I will advise others to never take a loan from this company as their customer support agenst are rude and they do not value their customers at all.

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1. Agents are rude
★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ : by Erika Fernandes

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