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4 out of 5 : By Ankita

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  • The Third Bullet is based on the assassination of the American President, John F. Kennedy and tries to unearth some answers to the baffling information surrounding it.
Rated 4 out of 5
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04 Oct 2017 3:18 AM
Award Winning Book

This book is a best book among suspense. The Third Bullet is predicated on the assassination of the yankee President, John F. Kennedy and tries to unearth some answers to the knotty info close it.

Summary Of The Book

In The Third Bullet, the protagonist, Bob Lee Swagger, tries to search out out why the third bullet, that was instrumental within the assassination of the previous yankee President, John F. Kennedy, exploded. several investigators and authors WHO followed the case stay uninformed concerning the third bullet. The book has its roots within the initial novel that the author wrote, purpose Of Impact.

Through the book, the author aims to reveal the mastermind behind the explosion of the third bullet that killed the President. within the starting of the book, an author, WHO is work the assassination is run down by a automotive. His wife, convinced that it had been not associate degree accident however a murder, approaches Bob Lee Swagger for facilitate within the investigation. He sets resolute explore many unrequited queries concerning the assassination.

The points that puzzle him square measure the explosion of the third bullet and why Lee assassin headed back to his place to retrieve the side arm rather than carrying it with him. Swagger conjointly tries to grasp however the assassination was planned before the route that the president was progressing to take was declared.

The Third Bullet takes a motivating flip once Central Intelligence Agency operative, Hugh Meachum, comes into the scene with secrets that no-one is aware of of. But, he's unwilling to reveal them for numerous reasons. As they travel across the planet in search of the answers, the particular story behind the mystery slowly unravels.

Even though the book pertains to associate degree oft-written topic, it's the ability to draw any reader to its plot. The book has used a completely unique perspective with relation to the murder and also the ammunition used, one thing undiscovered in alternative books.

This Book is Nice. You must read it.

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1. Award Winning Book
★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ : by Ankita

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