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1 out of 5 : By Parvez Saifi

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MTS 3G Plus
Parvez Saifi
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07 Jul 2017 6:14 AM
MTS Scam, MTS Fraud - Don't Ever Buy it



My name is parvez saifi my mts data card no. Is 8459637737. I have purchased mts data card on 7-feb 2015 since i was facing speed problem and regarding this i have registered complaints many times. Complaints No. MAR/2650 and APR/2650 i didn't get resolution from mts still i was facing the same problem. Even I have paid the Feb,march,April bill with these issues. They always assure that please make payment and your problem will be resolved soon, all the commitments were fake now i decided to permanently disconnect the connection but they didn't disconnect my mts connection and said kindly make payment of May and June bill after that we will permanently disconnect your data card. I asked, why I pay of May and June bill while my mts data card already temporary disconnected from 25th may. They began to start bother me every time for bill payment. I am very disappointed with the service of mts but even then we agreed for the settlement of 2115/- bill on 1500/-


See below the mail which i have received from mts department 




Mr.  Mr Parvez Saifi ,

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject      :   Settlement of Outstanding Dues

Reference:    PA  1101464642  Mob. No 8459637737

This is with reference to the discussion you have had with our collection representative in connection with settlement of your above mentioned account.

For settlement of your said account, kindly make payment of an amount of Rs. 1500/- Please note that Settlement Amount has been arrived at after adjusting all relevant charges and the Security Deposit, if any, paid by you to the Company.                                                                   

Upon realization of payment of Settlement Amount through Demand Draft /Pay order/ Cash/ Credit Card, the outstanding amount in your account shall stand NIL. It shall be deemed to be a full & final settlement of your account and thereafter this communication may be treated as “No Due Certificate”. 

This settlement offer is valid for a period of 1 days starting from 03-July-2015 to 03-July-2015 and you are requested to ensure payment during this period. After the expiry of the staid period, this offer shall be treated as null and void and the Company reserves it’s right to take such actions, as it may deem fit, to recover the outstanding amount.

This is without prejudice to any of our rights whatsoever.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully"


I replied




            As I have discussed with you that my total outstanding amount of MTS Data Card 8459637737 bill  is 2115/- and you were agreed for settlement with 1500 which I have already paid. Now all the dues has been settled. I request you to kindly disconnect my MTS data Card permanently. 


If you will again disturb me by any call or massages so i will take an action against your company because I have already paid 1500/- as you have mentioned in your mail that kindly make payment of 1500/-.


I am attaching the bill receipts along with this mail. 



I have attached payment receipts and settlement mails..


After all this shits, I got a call from mts that you have still unpaid amount of rs. 615 i said that i have already settled the bill of 1500 he said that mail was fake and you have to pay 615 rs. After that he disconnect the call. 


Today I got a massage again that your mts bill of July rs. 2115 is due on 18/7/2015 what the hell is this, I am out of my mind the company is there only to make fool to the customers and steels money from them. Please do needful for me..



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