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1 out of 5 : By Utthaman Paramasivan

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Videocon d2h is one of the largest Indian pay TV providers, providing direct broadcast satellite service—including satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services - to commercial and residential customers in India.
Price For Videocon D2H HD is 1600 excluding installation charges.
Utthaman Paramasivan
Rated 1 out of 5
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28 Jun 2017 5:41 PM
Worst Service ever experienced

I am one of the poor customer who bought Videocon D2H DVR box and repenting daily on this decision
Videocon Custid: 162365231
Recent Issue Faced:
For past 2 days few HD channels pictures are scrambled and not clear and so I registered a complaint. One Technician Named Mr.Sundar (+919962026797) from Thoraipakkam (Chennai) Videocon service center visited my place and tried to fix the issue.
Instead of fixing the issue which I reported, he created many below issues :
1. All recording schedules are erased
2. Not able to open Record library to play the new recorded program or already recorded programs which are still there as I can see my Hard drives usage capacity is 18%.
When questioned about this Mr.Sundar says that he is not aware about the DVR box troubleshooting and rudely speaking that the reported complaint (HD channel scrambling) issue is fixed so live with that....
I don't understand why I need to raise another complaint for the issue which the technician made. The technician didn't take my concern if he can reset the box, or cut thro' the cables..etc.. Mr.Sundar also complaint that the RG6 cables which I have concealed is creating problems. Until the technician visit Box was fine and signal strench was more than 90% except for few hd channel images are scrambled. so whose fault is this?
Mr.Sundar told me he did the reset without formatting and not sure why am not able to open the Record Library tab. So who will answer this question? Will the Videocon D2H VP or CEO will come and answer this by fixing it???
Mr.Sundar's approach was very rude and he said that he is a local guy & can do anything so I have to keep quiet and go inside my house...
I seriously don't know is Videocon recruiting technical specialist or local goons for the service engineer role.
This is one of experience I got from this so called Videocon engineer Mr.Sundar (+919962026797) from Thoraipakkam (Chennai) Videocon service center.
The other issue with the box are below for which no one is having an answer:
1. Box hung during HD recording and had to reboot the box to make it operational again
2. When we change the channel it doesn't want to change and it stays in the same channel
3. Series recording schedules go on vanishing and have to reschedule again and again.
When I call up customer care for these one technician will visit and format the box saying post the update/upgrade, box was not formatted which is mandate to do it. I don't know what is the logic behind this and no use of having big 1000GB HDD then if we need to format every quarter.
I am searching for a forum to publish this and make sure no other customer suffers like me by selecting this Videocon DVR box. If you know any such forum or site please suggest.
I am bound to stick with this useless box as I made an annual payment for the package. I will be happy if I can get the refund possible..
Please suggest the next steps....

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