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4 out of 5 : By Erika Fernandes

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  • Color : Black
  • No. Of Speakers : 5
  • Compatibility : With DVD/VCD/CD/TV/PC
  • Sound Output Power (Rms) : 20W + 5W x 5(RMS)
  • Sound System : Stereo
  • Volume Control : Volume Control Up/Down
  • Tuner : FM
  • Warranty : 1 year
Erika Fernandes
Rated 4 out of 5
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07 Jan 2018 8:43 PM

I purchased this product few months back from an online store and the product was delivered to my home within a week. I had a choice to choose between Philips and this brand but I chose this as the reviews were very good compared to the former brand. The price of this product is quite less compared to other reputed brands but the product delivers more than expected from it.

When I connected these multimedia speaker to my LED TV set, the sound level was so high that I had to lower the sound to the least but still the volume was high enough for the entire room to hear the TV. These speakers are as good as owning a home theater system and after my earlier home theater system broke down, these speakers came like a savior for me.

The product comes with 5 speakers, black in color and it has a stereo sound which makes it more effective.I just enjoy hearing songs and watching movies as these speakers give me the same experience as if I am watching a movie in the theater and the vibrations make it even better for me. I am also able to tune in to FM with these speakers. I am able to attach these speakers to many devices like DVD, VCD, CD, TV and PC but I only wished that I was able to connect them to my phone and ipad as well to play the songs stored on these devices. The device comes with a one year warranty which is pretty good as the price of the product is very reasonable. However, the music and sound is so good that I can neglect the faults as they are very small. When the volume is set to its maximum level, the room turns into a party atmosphere and makes it more enjoyable to listen.

The product has an ED display and I am able to connect my USB and play songs via the device. It also supports memory cards. The parts include 2 satellite units, one subwoofer, a remote control which is quite small and an input cable which is quite short in length and I would prefer a longer one as I need to bring the devices closer to connect them to these speakers. It also comes with a user manual which is quite handle.

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1. Great
★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ : by Erika Fernandes

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