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2 out of 5 : By Erika Fernandes

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  • is an Indian Women's fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal selling apparel, bags and fashion accessories. The company is headquartered in Okhla, New Delhi. StalkBuyLove was founded by Tushar Ahulwalia and Rashmi Ahulwalia.
Erika Fernandes
Rated 2 out of 5
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13 Jul 2017 11:29 AM
StalkBuyLove - Too Expensive

Stalkbuylove was advertised on Facebook due to which I clicked on the ad and it redirected me to the home page. The entire design on the website was quite boring with a white background and logo being uncatchy. I checked the contact page which said that they offer support only from Monday to Saturday during working hours which was another negative factor as most websites offer 12-24 hours of support so that returns and refunds could be easy. There was an online chat option available which made me to enter my details first and after waiting for 30 minutes, a representative spoke to me and I explained to her my requirements and asked more details about the products and delivery. After talking to her for 10 minutes, the chat got disconnected and I again had to log in and a new representative attended to me and I had to again repeat all my queries to the representative. I checked the FAQ section for the returns and refund policy and noticed that they only exchange the product or add the refunded amount in our SBL account as credits. There is no way to get the cash back even if the payment was made in cash. I looked for some reviews about the website online and could barely find 2 reviews and that too reviews that were 3 years old. On checking the dresses section, I noticed that the prices were quite high with no sale option available and the prices for simple dresses started from Rs. 749. Also, there would be a shipping charge of Rs. 60 for orders less than Rs. 1000 which makes it even more expensive to purchase. The same goes for the tops and other apparel sections where mostly all products are over priced. The dresses as well displayed on the website are too modern for casual wear and they are mostly revealing which I won't be able to modify once purchased but the designs are good. It would be better if they would have a customized section for their apparels as mostly all tops are either crop ones or revealing and not meant for regular outings. They take 5-10 days for a delivery and this time limit is too long if we need a fast delivery for which they would charge extra (including the shipping fee). The maximum delivery time taken usually should have been 3-5 days which makes it reasonable as they have working days also under consideration.

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1. StalkBuyLove - Too Expensive
★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ : by Erika Fernandes

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